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In the upcoming months, we will particularly relay ongoing and upcoming shows, events, talks and collections featuring works by the BelgianArtPrize2020 finalists as to deepen and share our knowledge of their practices.

Focus on Sammy Baloji, co-founder of the Lubumbashi Biennale, and Sandrine Colard, artistic director as well as the invited artists probe the possibilities of repurposing the cartography of the world in the 6th edition of this Biennale, entitled Future Genealogies, Tales From the equatorial line. The concept of the Biennale is to take the Equator’s imaginary line not as one of demarcation—the majestic Congo River disregards it by straddling it twice—but rather of imbrication, opening the possibility for narratives that respond to alternate compasses, recognizing new centers of gravity where de-polarized stories can unfold.

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