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Saddie Choua participates from August to December 2019 at Croxhapox ‘The Third Landscape’ which refers to not-used and/or not-usable landscape. Within this framework they explore situational & contextual activism. TTL is a project on radical positions, statements, actions. The Third Landscape is constructed as a forum for art practice exchange. Foreign artists are invited to show their work to the Belgian public, Belgian artists get introduced to the Russian public via media such as who question the mechanisms of control and the forces behind cultural hygiene and normalization. Developed in different national, political and economic contexts these practices show apparent similarities –common ground of the discourse, interest in similar topics such as feminism, milieu, de-stigmatization of certain groups of people– and apparent differences –other ways of development, solutions and actions emerging from a distinctive social environment, including general ideas, morality and government)

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