The selection of the four 2019 BelgianArtPrize finalists

In response to several reactions to the selection of the four finalists for the 2019 BelgianArtPrize (Sven Augustijnen, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys and Gabriel Kuri), and the publication of an open letter on the subject, the non-profit organisation De Jonge Belgische Schilderkunst/La Jeune Peinture Belgewould like to clarify a number of issues.

The organisers of the BelgianArtPrize respect and endorse the values expressed in the open letter. They too are against all forms of discrimination and in favour of stimulating discussion about the social, socio-political and/or cultural issues present in society.

The BelgianArtPrize was set up to support talented, leading artists who live and work in Belgium contributing to the development of their career and international visibility.

The BelgianArtPrize selection procedure requires a first jury of art professionals and collectors to select the four finalists from a list drawn up by art experts.

To reach their decision, the jury members examine the works and artistic background of the artists.The members of the jury were not asked to apply quotas or to respect male/female or language ratios, or to take nationality or other non-artistic aspects into account.

The finalists of the first edition of the renewed BelgianArtPrize in 2017, i.e. Otobong Nkanga, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Denicolaï&Provoost and Edith Dekyndt, were selected by a first jury consisting of art experts.

Otobong Nkanga was then selected by the second jury as the winner the BelgianArtPrize and Maarten Vanden Eynde was awarded the ING Public Prize.

With the first jury’s selection of the four 2019 BelgianArtPrize finalists the organisation De Jonge Belgische Schilderkunst/La Jeune Peinture Belge wanted to provide a snapshot of the Belgian art scene whilst showcasing and supporting it.

The jury’s decision is based on the subtle complexities and colourful diversity of the contemporary Belgian art scene. The four artists were selected for the analytic and spatial nature of their artistic work.
The organisation De Jonge Belgische Schilderkunst/La Jeune Peinture Belge stands by the decision made by the jury members and endorses their thorough and professional approach to the decision-making process.

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