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Did you know Sammy Baloji benefitted from a Rolex mentorship/ Rolex Arts Initiative and was protégé to Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson in 2014−2015?

« Learning from the enormous experience that Olafur has acquired throughout his artistic career has been important for my career – to be at his side, to observe him create, to participate and to exchange questions with him about art. It’s also clear that being selected for a programme as cutting-edge as the Rolex Arts Initiative, and by an artist as remarkable as Olafur, has helped me enhance my profile ».

Olafur Eliasson was fascinated by the intricacy of his protégé Sammy Baloji’s research. “The fact that Sammy in a way comes from two cities [Lubumbashi and Brussels] and that his identity has been shaped by that allows him to have a double perspective,” Eliasson says.

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