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Joëlle Tuerlinckx’s work « Ronds sur barres » (2003) is part of the Belfius Art Collection and currently exhibited in « Women . Underexposed » at the Belfius Art Gallery in Brussels >01.02.2020 .

In her installation, Tuerlinckx combines simple materials and everyday objects such as sheets of coloured paper, particle board, yellow post-its, confetti and barred words as a way to reconnect with the fundaments of art: the point, the line, circle and color. In her eyes, the work becomes art when the spectator observes, tries to understand and completes the work.

The exhibit at Belfius pays tribute to the strength of women, their perseverance as artists. Women who, over time, have struggled to live off their passion and share it with the public. From the women artist who could only expose her works under a masculine pseudonym to the contemporary artist who, full of confidence, engages in dialogue with her colleagues, this journey through time evokes the obstacles they have encountered and pivotal moments


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