Edith Dekyndt

Edith Dekyndt experiments with the possibilities of the most ordinary materials, which she brings into the artistic domain. Traditional considerations of Fine Arts have no place in her approach, which breaks with the secrecy of the artist’s studio to operate in the open, in complete immersion in the world. Her work invites us to change not only our perspective, but also our way of being and of influencing the world.

The new work They Shoot Horses that Edith Dekyndt has created for the BelgianArtPrize clamps the viewer between a velvet curtain perforated with steel nails and a screen showing short archive films of the Marathon Dances from the 1930s. The is reminiscent of the kind of curtain that falls after a stage performance in a concert hall. This luxurious and comfortable velvet fabric that reminds of a curtain that falls after a stage performance, stands in sharp contrast to the cool hardness of the nails that pierce the fabric. The installation references the iron curtain that blocks the Centre for Fine Arts’ Southern entrance, and by extension, the way that fences raise everywhere in the world. The work links also the history of reality shows to the society of today. In the archive fragments that show couples dancing days and days until they collapse from exhaustion for the free food and the chance to win a cash prize, the artist sees a resonance with the situation in which many deprived people find themselves today.


Edith Dekyndt was born in Belgium in 1960 and lives and works in Berlin. Lately, her works have been exhibited in solo exhibitions at the DAAD in Berlin, WIELS in Brussels, the Consortium in Dijon, Witte de With in Rotterdam, Mac’s in Hornu. Her works are on display in international private and public collections. Edith Dekyndt is now in residence at the Pinault Collection, near the Musée du Louvre Lens and on the invitation of the french curator Christine Macel, she will present  an installation at the international exhibition of the Venice Biennale 2017.  


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