‘This is what you came for’

This is what you came for

In the coming weeks we will be sharing elements of the process leading to Els Dietvorst’s exhibition ‘This is what you came for’ opening on April 27th 2022 in Bozar, in the framework of the BelgianArtPrize and in the Centrale for Contemporary art, Brussels.  Stay Tuned!

Conceived as an encounter and an invitation, the proposal grew out of the almost ritualistic actions and creations that Els Dietvorst started during the C19 lockdown. An encounter with Els Dietvorst & ACM, Alex Akuete aka Xray, Sadrie Alves, Simon Arazi, Stefania Assandri, Honey Zinzs, Giulia Cauti, Daria Likhovitckaia, Aurelie Di Marino, Flor Maesen, Laurence Petrone, Philippe Vandenberg, Yi Zhang & Y.

‘This is what you came for’  Une rencontre. Een ontmoeting. An encounter. Art as a meeting place for communication, desire, (exchange) and transformation.

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