The selection procedure and criteria

The Prize is open to Belgian and international artists residing in Belgium for at least a year, regardless their racial, ethnic, backgrounds, age, religious beliefs or convictions, sexual orientation or gender.

The eligible artists are nominated by a large panel of art professionals and collectors; no open call is organised.

Advisory committee

In order to ensure that the Prize respects as much as possible the multiplicity of artistic expressions that characterize the Belgian art scene, the organizers called upon an advisory committee to carefully appoint a renewed committee of nominators who represent the diversity of the ecosystems that make up and contribute to the richness of the Belgian art scene. 

Panel of nominators

For the 2020 edition of the Prize, the organisers have invited the following 79 art professionals and collectors to nominate up to 5 artists:

Art Professionnals: Heidi Ballet, Devrim Bayar, Carine Bienfait, Patricia De Peuter, Sonia Dermience, Isa Deslypere, Catherine de Zegher, Sibylle du Roy, Benoît Dussart, Michel & Julie Espeel- Vandenbroucke, Katerina Gregos,  Catherine Henkinet, Laura Herman, Antony Hudek, Laurent Jacob, Hicham Khalidi, Emmanuel Lambion, Amélie et Tim Laplanche, Sophie Lauwers, Koen Leemans, Matteo Lucchetti, Catherine Mayeur, Tania Nasielski, Steven Op de Beeck, Louise Ozieka, Raphaël Pirenne, Philippe Pirotte, Anne Pontegnie, Xavier Roland, Patrick Ronsse, Samuel Saelemakers, Barthélémy Schöller, Julie Senden, Nicola Setari, Els Silvrants-Barclay, Elena Sorokina, Beatrice Taevernier, Stef Van Bellingen, Phillip Van den Bossche, Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte,  Alexia Van Eyll, Fleur van Muiswinkel, Valerie Verhack, Christophe Veys, Kathleen Weyts, Etienne Wynants.

Collectors : Mickey & Christine Boël, Antoine Bosteels, Jan & Karen Coene, Roland Cracco, Philippe Crismer, Frédéric de Goldschmidt, Luc de Tillesse, Diane Delvaulx, Mimi Dusselier, Gwendolyn Grolig, Nathalie Guiot, Bernard Heintz, Jean Pierre Hoa, Dimitri Jeurissen, Tom Jonckers,  Lucie Lambrecht, Béatrice le Hodey, Philippe Leeman, Cédric Lienart, Baudouin Michiels, Jean-Phillipe Nokerman, Patrizia Schrank, Giuliana Setari, Benedikt Van der Vorst, Bruno & Gael Van Lierde, Tanguy Van Quickenborne, Arne Van Wonterghem, Marc Vandecandelaere, Pierre Verschaffel, Sylvie Winckler.


For each edition, the organisers set up a jury whose members are chosen with an uttermost care and for their proven sensibility towards the quality and diversity of the art scene in Belgium.

De jury members meet twice:

  • a first time to select the finalists  – selected from an extensive list of nominees compiled by art professionals and collectors in terms of the number of votes.
  • a second time during the exhibition at the Palais des Beaux-Arts/Bozar to evaluate the artistic projects presented by the finalists and having studied their oeuvre, in order to select the winner.

 The voting procedure is ruled by the majority voting principle.


The finalists are invited to conceive an artistic project that will be exhibited at the Palais des Beaux-Arts/ BOZAR . The artistic project consists of new works as well as of recent works that have not yet been shown in Belgium.

The organizers contribute to the production costs with an amount of 5.000€.

Award ceremony

During the Award ceremony, Baron Gillion hands out the Crowet Prijs worth 25.000 € to the winner. aan de laureaat. 

The Public’s Award organised by ING, structural partner, is handed out to the public’s favorite artist who wins 10.000 €.



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